New Connectors Added to the Skyvia Connectors List — Starshipit, Klaviyo, Google Sheets

September 14, 2021

Skyvia Team

Meet newly integrated connectors in Skyvia — Starshipit, Klaviyo, Google Sheets. When creating a package, you need to select the new data integration runtime to use these connectors. So far, Skyvia does not support backup for new connectors. This feature is yet to come.

  • Starshipit — a provider of integrated and automated shipping and tracking solutions for various online businesses.
  • Klaviyo — an sms and email marketing automation platform for ecommerce, which helps grow businesses.
  • Google Sheets — a cloud-based solution, which allows users to edit, organize, analyze different types of information online, and collaborate with each other.

Whenever you have use cases related to Starshipit, Klaviyo and Google Sheets, try them with Skyvia! In case you have any technical questions, our customer support team is always at hand!


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