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Data Integration


For any company, especially a remote company, keeping and working with sensitive data is a great challenge and responsibility. This is especially important when talking about clients' data.

Advisera strategically decided to enhance the backup processes of clients' data stored in the CRM system, remove manual work, and fully automate processes.

According to business requirements, it had to be a third-party data backup system that the IT team could manage and easily integrate with other cloud systems used by the company. The solution should be able to securely connect and transfer data from the CRM system to the remote storage.

Compromising or losing business data is something that is a constant threat. One should rather do whatever is in his power to anticipate risks and mitigate threats than deal with the consequences of irresponsible data handling. Reliable solutions that provide mechanisms that can help mitigate human mistakes, automatize processes, and ensure privacy, accuracy, and data accessibility at any time are crucial in this effort.

Our Client

Head of the IT Department


Using Skyvia’s seamless data integration feature, Advisera set automated backup processes for the CRM system, storing data backups on the remote company-managed storage. This process extended beyond simple data integration. Serving as a tool for data backup, Skyvia enabled a secure connection between two endpoints, defining types of exports, setting tasks with exactly specified data, and scheduling the frequency of backups. Backups are easily monitored in real-time for active runs and historically from the list of logs, validating the data transfer for each backup task.


Advisera was searching for a backup tool that could automate and simultaneously eliminate any chance of losing or compromising data, reducing human factors risks.The Skyvia fulfilled expectations and enabled Advisera to set data backups for their SaaS products: ISO 27001 automation solution Conformio, AI-Powered Knowledge Base Experta, AI-Powered Toolkits, and Company Training Account securely to the remote storage on autopilot.

With Skyvia, we automated the necessary backup tasks, improved security, and reduced costs. Compared to competitors, Skyvia stands out as an excellent solution due to its great flexibility, reliability, and simplicity. I would give Skyvia a 10 out of 10 rate of the application's usability.

Our Client

Head of the IT Department

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