Alhena Leverages ETL to Automate Business Processes

Alhena is a digital agency which performs communication tasks for well-known automotive brands. As Jeremy Piaia, Founder & CEO at Alhena, explained to us: "We are basically a call center therefore we are making a lot of calls and we are receiving a lot of calls"



Data Integration


As a part of the business process, Alhena receives the lists of leads, which should be contacted, on a daily basis from their customers - car dealerships of such well-known brands as Renault, Volkswagen, Fiat, Peugeot, etc. Every dealership may use its own data format, and all these lists must go to the Alhena's internally used CRM system – Salesforce.

While importing each list takes just 10 minutes, having multiple lists from various dealerships incoming, sometimes, every day from every dealership, makes this task rather time-consuming and increases probability of human errors. Besides, the data from different systems of different dealerships must be unified for import. So Alhena decided that this process definitely needed automation, and they needed a powerful ETL tool for it.

The main challenge is that every car manufacturer has its own system, so Renault has own system, Peugeot has own system, and so on, and before plugging the data to our system we need somehow to bring some clearance in terms of format, in terms of data structure, so it fits our system. That is why we needed to have an ETL."

Jeremy Piaia

Founder & CEO


Alhena had certain requirements to a solution they wanted. They needed a completely cloud solution, hosted on a reliable cloud infrastructure. It had to be be easy to use, so that they didn't need an IT professional to configure it.

We are still small company, we have no luxury of maintenance servers and don't have the money to order an infrastructure. The solution must not require no additional costs for a dedicated specialist to configure and maintain."

Jeremy Piaia

Founder & CEO

After trying a couple of tools, Alhena decided to use Skyvia, because it matched all the requirements. It is a completely cloud solution, hosted on a reliable Azure Cloud infrastructure. It is easy to use and require no coding or deep technical knowledge. Besides it is subscription-based with monthly payments and has a flexible pricing model.

We chose Skyvia because of the ease of use, I would say that was the key. We are a small company so the decision process was fairly quick. So I say — look, guys, it’s a per month per month fees, therefore, we’re not taking any risk. If in two months, we don’t like it, we stopped using it. And so far, so good. We’ve been pretty happy with the tool."

Jeremy Piaia

Founder & CEO


As the result, Alhena does not need to have a dedicated person for importing leads. Now, when dealerships wants to have their leads called, they only need to upload lists of their leads to Google Drive, and Skyvia automatically imports them to Salesforce without the need of any user interaction.

Automation reduced operating costs and eliminated the possibility of human errors when importing data, making Alhena more effective and its customers more satisfied.

We do ask Skyvia running every every night picking up the file and importing it into our system and therefore I don't need to pay somebody to do it every freaking day."

Jeremy Piaia

Founder & CEO

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