Bakewell Cookshop Synchronizes Retail Shop Data with BigCommerce via Skyvia Data Integration

Bakewell Cookshop is a UK e-commerce business, offering a huge selection of products from leading homeware brands.

Bakewell Cookshop


Data Integration


Bakewell Cookshop switched their website platform from Magento to BigСommerce. However, this caused problems synchronising data from their retail store to the new website. Like many e-commerce businesses, they also have a physical shop, and it is important that online and offline inventory is perfectly synchronised to avoid overselling.

The synchronization was performed in 2 steps:

  1. A Windows batch file executed an SQL Query that exported the filtered data to a CSV file. It was scheduled to run every hour.

  2. On the Magento platform the CSV file was uploaded automatically, but after switching to BigCommerce, the process became more complicated, so Bakewell Cookshop started looking for a data integration solution.

To us it sounded very simple – upload CSV data to Dropbox on a schedule and let BigСommerce monitor the Dropbox folder for changes. The main challenge was that the built-in tools of BigCommerce were not so reliable and could not be easily automated. We spoke to many developers, but they wanted to charge huge amounts to automate this process."

David Kidd

Director at Bakewell Cookshop


So, Bakewell Cookshop started to look for a data integration solution that could support both BigCommerce CSV export\import and Dropbox. The Google research led them to Skyvia:

Using Dropbox seemed sensible and easy to monitor, so I started to look for a way of connecting Dropbox to BigCommerce, which was how I found you!"

David Kidd

Director at Bakewell Cookshop

After the CSV file is generated, Skyvia automatically takes it from the Dropbox folder and uploads it to the BigCommerce instance.


As a result, Bakewell Сookshop could set up the data integration automatically on schedule and save time and money:

So now we have inventory adjustments uploaded to our BigСommerce database every hour without any human intervention. And we are delighted that we were able to do this all in-house."

David Kidd

Director at Bakewell Cookshop

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