Convene Automates Data Loading to Redshift for Analysis

Convene is a company, designing and providing spaces for meeting, events, and conferences by partnering with the largest landlords in commercial real estate. As Robert Pribanic, Infrastructure Engineer at Convene, told us: "We are trying to improve the workplace for people, so we do flexible workplace for people so they can work together."



Data Integration


Convene works with various SaaS software to automate their business processes. The list includes Marketo — for marketing, Salesforce — for customer relation management, AWS — for storing different data, etc. In order to turn all these data into knowledge, there appears a need to perform analysis of these disparate data stored in various places. The company needed to see the trends behind their data, create reports for better understanding of the processes and getting insights.

We wanted to automate the process of data conversions from disparate sources to data warehouse and pull it into Tableau, which is our business intelligence tool. You know, to continue messaging all that data and coming with pictures for executive to drive on."

Robert Pribanic

Senior IT Engineer


Since Convene was already using AWS, they needed a tool with support Amazon Redshift as target data warehouse. Another requirement was the need for cloud-based solution, as Convene didn't want to organize their own infrastructure.

We use AWS and use bunch of services there. They are so flexible. We don't really have our own data centers and we try to avoid that in future."

Robert Pribanic

Senior IT Engineer

After market analysis, Convene chose Skyvia to do loading data from their Salesforce, Marketo, and other sources to Amazon Redshift. They were able to quickly configure and automate their ETL processes, since Skyvia is a very easy-to-use solution, which require no special knowledge. Besides, Skyvia is a completely cloud solution, which does not require any IT infrastructure or maintenance.


As the result, Convene successfully created a data warehouse in Amazon Redshift and made it always filled with fresh data from various cloud applications and databases used within the company. This added to their data reporting capabilities and smoothed their data analysis processes, making them more efficient.

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