Dale Carnegie & Associates Leverages Backup to Secure Customer Data

"Dale Carnegie & Associates" is a franchise network consisting of 200 franchisees all over the world. Their programs, available in over 30 languages, show people in over 90 countries how to communicate in a way that draws others in, so they can form closer, more rewarding relationships and improve their personal and professional well-being.

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As for our client, Christopher Addeo, a VP of Information Technology at Dale Carnegie & Associates, his department’s primary responsibility is to make sure that their franchisees are well equipped to serve end customers through reliable and robust technology platforms.


Dale Carnegie & Associates provide multiple technology platforms to service their franchisees and customers. A core technology platform is Salesforce CRM, because it is highly-efficient, customizable and allows for the tailoring of the system according to the company’s evolving goals.

For the last four years, Dale Carnegie & Associates has utilized Salesforces internal backup system. As their database grew, the need arose for a more robust data protection solution. The need was for something that would be scalable, cloud based, and allow for quick backup and restore processes.

Initially we utilized the internal Salesforce backup system, however as our reliance and dependance on Salesforce as a system grew, we needed to find a solution that would enable us to streamline our backup process, save hours internally, as well as support the ability to archive data."

Christopher Addeo

VP of IT department

The second challenge was related to legal obligations and regulatory compliance, including GDPR. Compliance with our internal policies around data archiving, as well as global regulatory compliance was critical.


After trying multiple tools, Dale Carnegie & Associates chose Skyvia Backup as their solution because it is Salesforce-compliant and meets all their requirements to the fullest. Skyvia Backup solution is hosted in a secure Microsoft Azure cloud located in the US west coast data centers. It is GDPR compliant, scalable and supports the creation of backups with general volumes up to 1 TB. Skyvia Backup supports the ability to create both full and partial backups, the ability to search through backups for a specific data subset, download backups locally and restore data in a few clicks. Moreover, the flexible pricing model, not dependant on the number of user accounts, was a huge advantage.

As Christopher Addeo mentioned: "I have more than 800 users inside Salesforce, from a corporate perspective, there are just two administrators. I know that the pricing model inside of Skyvia was not aggressive, because it didn't count on user licenses but rather on storage and frequency of backup and retention. I needed a tool that would empower our administrators to properly protect business data."

Another bonus was Skyvia SQL Query Builder which came in handy when Dale Carnegie & Associates needed to query huge backups data to review them and mount specific data sets for local downloading.

From a compliance perspective, Query Builder enables us to export certain data sets and archive them for longer term storage."

Christopher Addeo

VP of IT department


As a result, with the help of Skyvia Backup solution, administrators of Dale Carnegie & Associates have experienced improved efficiency and time savings when creating backups, obtained scalable and secure cloud servers to store these backups, and leveraged SQL Query Builder to retrieve specific data out of large backups when it’s necessary, without performing a full restoration.

The fact that we can back up the data on a frequency that we would like, and that we can purchase cloud storage that allows us to retain that data for a certain period is what works for Dale Carnegie."

Christopher Addeo

VP of IT department

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