Exclaimer Enhances Salesforce Integration And Transforms Data Connectivity with Skyvia

Exclaimer, a UK-based SaaS company, specializes in developing email signature management software. Their solution enables organizations to boost corporate email by adding disclaimers, branding elements, and ensuring regulatory compliance through centralized email signatures.





When Exclaimer started its way as a SaaS company, its in-house legacy data integration system was enough to fulfill all data-related tasks. However, after introducing Salesforce as a central data system and a single source of truth for all departments, the rapid data generation and its seamless integration between ERP and CRM systems became a significant challenge.

Amongst various difficulties, the biggest one was ensuring that the data reflected the accurate and reliable information expected by the teams. It involved manually checking missed customer data, leading to delayed customer response times. Overcoming this challenge on a daily basis was crucial to maintaining data integrity and providing a unified view within Salesforce.

Colleagues expect us to clean the data from various teams: sales, finance, marketing. Since the data structure or format may vary, it’s a challenge on a day-to-day basis.

Jahangir Malek

Data Manager, Exclaimer


Achieving streamlined data transfer and integration was paramount during Exclaimer's digital platform transformation. Exclaimer analysts sought a simple, efficient solution to seamlessly integrate their in-house billing and subscription system with Salesforce, providing a holistic view of customer data. However, the project's scale presented challenges.

data flow

Skyvia emerged as the perfect fit, offering a low-code solution featuring a drag-and-drop interface for effortless integration. By applying it, Exclaimer got simplified data transfer without extensive training. Analysts could effortlessly connect Salesforce with an in-house billing system, enabling smooth information flow for billing data, AR, MRR, and subscription details with the benefit of a 25-30% reduction in response time. Now, with the help of Skyvia, Salesforce serves as a central hub for operating data, empowering teams to make informed decisions with a unified view.

We’re going through a lot of digital platform transformation now. The number of inquiries and data volume constantly increases, so we need a smart solution that can work quickly without much training. Skyvia is easy for everyone to use with simple drag-and-drop components.

Jahangir Malek

Data Manager, Exclaimer


Implementing Skyvia as a pivotal component of the digital transformation has yielded impactful results. One of the outcomes is the accelerated speed of integral processes, which has profoundly impacted Exclaimer’s business metrics. The availability of compiled and comprehensive details of customers on a single platform for the sales team has boosted the efficiency and turnaround time of customer queries. As a result, the sales team feel more confident dealing with customer's query.

With data seamlessly flowing from Exclaimer’s billing system to Salesforce, their sales and marketing teams gain a competitive edge. They can engage with customers and potential clients, armed with the knowledge that they are already part of the business ecosystem. As a result, their sales and marketing teams have experienced a remarkable boost in efficiency, maximizing productivity and driving business growth.

Our integral processes have sped up due to data aligning between our in-house systems and Salesforce. It improves the efficiency of the sales and marketing team.

Jahangir Malek

Data Manager, Exclaimer

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