GOintegro Automates Client Reporting with Skyvia Data Integration

GOintegro is a product company with digital solutions for employee communications, recognition, and benefits focused on employee experience.



Data Integration


All product data of GOintegro is stored in MySQL database. They also use Salesforce CRM for client management and communication. There were two main data integration challenges the company faced. Due to the business specifics, GOintegro needed to provide their clients with daily, weekly, and monthly reports. The company wanted to automate this process, eliminating manual work.

This process previously started with the client request, internal task assignment, report processing, and client confirmation. Our main challenge was to improve the generation of information without the need for manual operating processes that require adding operational capacity to the team."

Pablo López

VP of Digital Transformation

The second challenge was related to the internal needs of the company. GOintegro wanted to enrich clients’ data in Salesforce CRM with data stored in MySQL database to get a more complete customer profile.


GOintegro was on a tight schedule so they also looked for simplicity of implementation and for a flexible pricing model. They compared several competitors on the market, including Zapier, and decided to go with Skyvia as it provided the most cost-efficient and easy-to-use solution in accordance with their needs.

Using Skyvia, the company managed to quickly set up data loading from MySQL to Google Drive on a regular basis to automatically share reports with their clients. They also integrated MySQL database with Salesforce CRM to improve the internal processes.

Thanks to Skyvia we have made integrations, updating clients' data from mysql to salesforce and further exporting these data from mysql to google drive."

Pablo López

VP of Digital Transformation


After configuring Skyvia integration, the company automated the generation of KPI reports, saved operating costs, reduced the margin of error and improved the information delivery time.

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