A Healthcare Company Automated Data Integration Processes with Skyvia

Our client is a global provider of online patient recruitment, retention, patient surveys, study feasibility, and site selection services for clinical trials. The company supports investigative sites through the enrollment process and accelerates clinical trial start-up timelines for sponsors.

A Service Company in the Area of Clinical Trials


Data Integration


Efficient data management is the key to success for any business, but it's especially crucial for the realm of clinical trials in healthcare. For operating in this highly regulated field, the quest for an effective data integration solution can become a pressing concern.

For our client, the main challenge was orchestrating data from diverse sources (backend system, Facebook data, CRM data, Excel files, etc.) and bridging the gap between these data hubs. Another challenge was improving the reporting capabilities and overall data analytics by means of the BI tool (Tableau). Additionally, reliance on manual Excel entries complicated matters, increasing the possibility of data duplication and errors.

We have different data sources (for example, Microsoft Dynamics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads) and a lot of backend systems, which contain all our operational data. So, we needed to find a solution how to integrate all this data.

Our Client

Senior Data Operations Engineer


After calculating the costs and time for the in-house solution and briefly experimenting with Supermetrics, our client realized they needed a more versatile service. The Supermetrics platform lacked functionality features and connectors, leaving a crucial gap in their data integration process. It was at this moment that they discovered Skyvia, offering effortless data streamlining and optimizing their data integration challenges. Сompared with the alternative services, Skyvia's pricing offered a more cost-effective solution for the same data volumes. Moreover, Skyvia's flexibility allowed them to retain their current data warehouse technology and infrastructure (Amazon Redshift).

The data task solved by Skyvia was the seamless integration of all services used by the company. With all data sources connected, the company had built appropriate business data analytics. For example, dashboards and reports on email and CRM campaigns to see the effectiveness of these campaigns.

Skyvia's impact extended beyond just data analytics. The client also achieved a significant reduction in time and money spent on streamlining data operations.

With Skyvia, it became easy to make data analysts happy, providing them with quality data for further analysis.

Our Client

Senior Data Operations Engineer


Following the implementation of Skyvia, data integration processes were automated, reducing the need for manual entries. This transformation also boosted data accuracy. In addition, Skyvia stands out for its cost-effectiveness, offering a budget-friendly solution.

In the end, the most valuable result was the substantial amount of time saved. Teams were now free to allocate their efforts more strategically, redirecting their focus from routine data-related tasks to higher-impact initiatives. The overall result was a seamless and efficient data management process, bringing tangible benefits to our client.

We got lower labor costs because less time and labor was spent on the repetitive data-related tasks. And, of course, we’ve eventually increased the revenue by increasing the ad campaigns' reachability and quality due to better reporting.

Our Client

Senior Data Operations Engineer

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