NISO Automates Data Flows for Financial Operations with Skyvia

NISO, an outsourced CFO company, provides services to the MCA industry (merchant cash advance), offering its customers outsourced finance and analytics departments. With more than three decades of extensive management, finance, and technology experience, NISO can seamlessly integrate software and procedures specifically tailored to the company’s operational needs.


MCA industry

Data Integration


The main goal of NISO was being able to paint a broad picture of the financial aspects of its customers. For that, NISO searched for ways to connect different operational data sources within the cloud infrastructure. Specifically, the company needed to load data from MySQL to QuickBooks Online.

Before Skyvia, the NISO team was using self-made scripts to extract data from MySQL to Excel Spreadsheets and, afterward, QuickBooks Online. However, with the company’s evolving, this manual approach quickly became too time-consuming and slow, making business process automation the primary goal.

We needed a way to consolidate and integrate the information from the various data sources and systems, and Skyvia fit that gap very precisely.

Rodrigo Fritis



For NISO, the initial reason for choosing Skyvia was that Skyvia has a connection to QuickBooks, so the NISO team can directly connect services in the cloud. The company also has a lot of necessities regarding SQL and MySQL servers and for integrating with other products that have their specific developing features - for that, Skyvia was perfect, too.

Instead of developing our own APIs, we needed a way to connect all our data from the box. Since Skyvia had certain advantages specifically related to its integration with MySQL, our choice was obvious.

Rodrigo Fritis



For the NISO use case, Skyvia becomes a very important tool in the operational chain. Due to its integration features, NISO is able to get a broader reach for customer information and scale with confidence.

Our data engineers use Skyvia daily to move within the projects at a fast pace. Moreover, because of the easy-to-use interface, our support team also applies Skyvia for their documentation needs.

Rodrigo Fritis


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