Non-Profit Organization Uses Skyvia to Optimize Salesforce Costs and Implement Data Analytics System

Our client is a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian assistance worldwide. Complying with the requirements of the non-disclosure agreement, the name of our client will remain anonymous.

Non-Profit Organization


Data Integration, Connect


The client’s data ecosystem includes Salesforce CRM for data storing and management and a Salesforce Marketing Cloud where all the communication is happening. Since the beginning, the organization collected a huge amount of data, and it became too expensive to store all the data in Salesforce CRM. They also faced some performance issues and were looking forward to finding the solution for cost-effective data storage, management and analytics.

At the beginning of the project, all data was supposed to be stored in Salesforce, but some critical problems arose then - Data Storage in Salesforce was very expensive and the general performance of Salesforce for huge quantities of data is not very good. We decided to store a relatively small quantity of data in Salesforce (3 years + current year), and the rest to replicate to Amazon Redshift for storage and analysis."

Our Client

Communication & Fundraising Solutions Manager


The client decided in favor of Skyvia as it was recommended to them by Salesforce and lived up to its reputation. Skyvia Data Integration was used to load all data (including historical) from Salesforce and Salesforce Marketing Cloud to Amazon Redshift and then to keep it regularly updated.

Every night we sync selected Salesforce objects (opportunity, contact, account, economic data.) to Amazon Redshift using Skyvia Data Integration. Then we use the whole data stored in Amazon Redshift (historical data + “live” sync’d data) for BI and reporting."

Our Client

Communication & Fundraising Solutions Manager

Besides, they used Skyvia Connect to create OData endpoints to access some subsets of historical Salesforce data via external objects.

We use Skyvia Connect to create OData endpoints, in order to allow Salesforce access to this “historical data” via Salesforce external objects. With these external objects, our users can access the historical data stored in Amazon Redshift directly from the Salesforce interface."

Our Client

Communication & Fundraising Solutions Manager


As a result, with Skyvia, our client was able to solve multiple business tasks: optimize its costs on the data storage, improve data management performance as well as set up an analytics system for BI reporting.

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