Playworks Non-profit Organization Utilizes Daily LMS Data Sync with Salesforce

Playworks is a US non-profit organization that runs play programs in low-income elementary schools, ensuring 3.5 million kids in 7,000 schools have access to play every day through recess, in-class, before and after school programming.



Data Integration

Over the last few years, Playworks added a new option for schools - PlayworksU. PlayworksU is a series of online trainings that are hosted on the Bridge LMS platform. Schools that subscribe to PlayworksU can offer virtual training to their staff, covering topics such as how to manage groups, facilitate games, resolve conflicts and so on.


As all Playworks' school partners register for their training via an external Bridge LMS platform, all their data has to be kept in their Salesforce instance. The main challenge was to find a solution that would sync the data between two sources, would be low-cost and easy to set up for an in-house staff.

Playworks looked for a solution that could parse standard and custom data from Salesforce using complex and/or statements and export it as CSV to SFTP on a daily schedule. SFTP in its turn is set to automatically look for the CSV daily and upload the data into the external Bridge LMS platform.

Playworks tested several solutions, including Jitterbit and Mulesoft, but decided Skyvia was the most cost-effective and straightforward solution.


Playworks was able to utilize the scheduled package runs in Skyvia to pull specific Contact and Lead data that had been populated in Salesforce through FormAssembly sign-ups on a scheduled basis to their external Bridge LMS platform. Skyvia's products allowed for secured, automated connections between the systems and had the criteria complexity needed to pull very specific data.

We use Skyvia to push users who sign up for PlayworksU from our Salesforce instance into Bridge. Currently, we have two nightly packages, one that sends users to our subscription account in Bridge, and one that sends trial users to our free 3-course version of PlayworksU. With the recent school closures, we are ramping up our online services and will be using Skyvia to both increase our user count and our syncing frequency."

Kyle DeRoos

Head of IT and Data Solutions


Playworks kept both setup and ongoing costs extremely low, while allowing for end-user registration to happen securely and seamlessly.

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