Stesso Organized Automatic Data Replication from CRM to MySQL with Skyvia

Stesso is a modern company that provides excellent cleaning services for corporate offices, laboratories, and other large-scale spaces. It has been operating for more than 22 years in the market, constantly taking care of its professional cleaners and the environment by using only biodegradable chemical products.


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Data Integration


Stesso gathered all the client-related and prospect data in Zoho CRM. Meanwhile, the central organizational data hub resided on the MySQL database in the internal SIGEM system.

In Zoho CRM, the data was captured automatically once a client submitted a quote. Then, Stesso admins had to input the information from Zoho CRM into the internal database system manually, especially the details about Companies and Contacts. Obviously, this slowed down the processes and imposed the risk of human error when transferring the data manually.

So, the main issue Stesso encountered was to automate the user data transfer from Zoho CRM to MySQL.

The problem we had is that we captured information twice regarding the prospect data from ZOHO's CRM to our SIGEM system.

Carlos Zavala

Information Technologies, Stesso.


Stesso was looking for a solution that could connect Zoho CRM and MySQL databases to their SIGEM system. Also, they were looking for a tool that didn’t require hard coding skills.

After having done some research, Stesso has discovered Skyvia with its simple interface and automatic connection to MySQL and Zoho CRM. They primarily used the Import and Replication scenarios to automatically load all the required data from one system to another.

Skyvia helped us solve this problem, doing an integration and replicating the prospect data (Companies and Contacts) to our system (SIGEM).

Carlos Zavala

Information Technologies, Stesso.


As a result of implementing Skyvia for working with data, Stesso established the following workflow:

  1. The commercial department converts a prospect into an opportunity and captures all the relevant data.
  2. The integration between the CRM and MySQL database on SIGEM starts.
  3. Information verification in the internal system (SIGEM).

Now, the company saves plenty of time when processing quotes from their clients as there’s no need to insert data manually as everything is set up automatically.

The information is only captured once, saving time in the quote process to clients.

Carlos Zavala

Information Technologies, Stesso.

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