Teesing Improves Data Orchestrating with Skyvia Data Integration

Teesing develops and assembles turnkey sub-systems for the control of gases and liquids. As such, they are a worldwide supplier for the high-tech OEM market.



Data Integration


The idea was to integrate the website and CRM for smooth, convenient work. The client's first problem was the inconvenient data export from the website to CSV files and import back. Creating a custom Python script for each data export-import was necessary but also non-productive, tedious, and time-consuming.

The second problem was that the CRM system could not automatically import data on a scheduled basis, making data transfers from the website to CRM impossible without manual imports.


The clients were recommended to use Skyvia as a solution. According to the scenario, data from new website users, online orders, quotations, and website log data was automatically imported into the client's CRM via a Skyvia SFTP connection. Later, a direct integration from PostgreSQL was introduced. With this direct integration, imports and exports became more reliable and easier to manage without the need for custom Python scripts.


As a result, Skyvia helped the Teesing team enhance their data-related performance and provided the following:

  • Data integration processes automation
  • Human impact decreases
  • Manual work avoided
  • Time-saving

The website and CRM are now seamlessly connected, ensuring that all information is synchronized between CRM and the website and automatically distributed to the sales teams.

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