United Home Experts Uses Skyvia Data Integration for Custom QuickBooks Online Reporting

United Home Experts is a specialty construction company that installs roofs, windows, doors, siding, provides exterior and interior painting of houses and related home services both to residential and commercial customers.

United Home Experts


Data Integration


The United Home Experts data infrastructure consisted of QuickBooks Online for accounting, small MySQL database to store business data, and MS Excel used mainly for data analysis. The need for data integration came from a need to pull data from the company's QuickBooks Online instance to MySQL in order to create custom Job Costing reports, as QBO standard reporting didn’t meet their needs.

The business need is to understand the profitability of the jobs we do as well as to pay commissions to our Product Managers based on that result. Job Costing also gives insight to whether our pricing is consistent with our desired Gross Margin. We are currently leveraging Excel for our analysis, but have plans to move to a Power BI platform within the year."

Doug Mosher

Technology Manager


The United Home Experts searched for a cost-effective and easy-to-use third party solution with the ability to move data from the QuickBooks Online to MySQL on a regular basis.

The first requirement was an inexpensive easy-to-use solution with the ability to pull data from the QuickBooks Online API. The real value is that Skyvia meets the needs and does the work for a low bill. The interface is easy and "business-friendly".

Doug Mosher

Technology Manager


The company managed to integrate QuickBooks Online and MySQL data with minimum efforts, making the first steps in building a data analysis system based on Power BI.

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