Scheduled Import & Export of CSV Files to Excel Online with Skyvia

100% cloud tool for automatic Excel Online CSV import/export with powerful transformations.

Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

Enrich Excel Online data with data from other systems, provided as CSV files. Import new records and update existing ones.

Data Migration

Data Migration

Easily migrate data from or to Excel Online via CSV files and file storages/FTP when direct connection is not possible.

Data Backup

Data Backup

Configure automatic backup of your Excel Online data to FTP, SFTP, or file storage in just a few minutes.

Universal Excel Online CSV Import Solution

Import any CSV to Excel Online Sheets, etc. Powerful CSV options and mapping features eliminate the need to prepare and modify a CSV file beforehand.

Connect to Excel Online

Create a connection to your data source.

Upload CSV

Upload CSV to Skyvia directly or use a file storage/FTP.

Configure Mapping

Map Excel Online fields to CSV columns, constants, expressions, etc.

Customizable CSV Options

Easily import CSV files, created by different tools, using different separators, and containing data in different encodings. Skyvia provides CSV options that you can adjust for a wide variety of CSV files.

Powerful Data Transformations

Skyvia offers powerful mapping for data transformations for cases when CSV and target Excel Online table have a different structure. You can use data splitting, complex expressions and formulas, lookups, etc.

CSV Export

Skyvia is a perfect tool to export Excel Online Sheets, etc. to CSV automatically on a schedule!

Connect to Excel Online

Create a connection to your data source.

Select Data to Export

Simply select fields to export or use custom SQL or visually built query.

Optionally Select Storage

Skyvia can automatically upload CSV to a number of file storage services.

CSV Customization

CSV Customization

Produce CSV files, compatible with any tool with powerful CSV options.

Customizable Naming

Customizable Naming

Add timestamps to names of exported files or specify custom names.



Compress exported file to zip or gzip archives.


Query & SQL

Export results of custom SQL statements or visually built queries.

Automate Excel Online Import/Export Operations

With Skyvia, you can configure your routine CSV export and import operations once and don’t care about them anymore. They will run in a cloud automatically

Configure and Save

Configure your import and export operations once in convenient GUI wizards. They are stored on Skyvia and can be started whenever you need.


You can schedule every operation for automatic execution. You can run them every day, on specific weekdays, every hour, or even every minute.

File Storages

Skyvia is able to export and import CSV files to and from file storages using file masks, which can further help you to automate your business processes.

About Skyvia Data Integration

CSV import and export tools are parts of the Data Integration product. Data Integration can do more than just import and export of CSV files. It can help you integrate two databases or cloud apps and load data in one or both directions, or perform complex data integration scenarios involving multiple data sources and complex multistage transformations.


Detailed Logging

For all runs, Skyvia provides per-record error logs, if there were any errors.


Pricing for Everyone

Skyvia offers different pricing plans for businesses of different sizes and needs.


email notifications

Whenever your integration package fails, you will be notified by email.

Automate all your Excel Online CSV import and export operations with minimal effort and no coding!