Because Replicating Salesforce Marketing Cloud Data to Google BigQuery Doesn’t Need to be Hard

Salesforce Marketing Cloud data Replication to Google BigQuery
Simply Copy Salesforce Marketing Cloud Data to Google BigQuery with Intuitive Wizards

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Data Replication to Google BigQuery

Many businesses want to benefit from the Google BigQuery's ability to quickly perform complex analytical queries over petabytes of data, and need to load their data from Salesforce Marketing Cloud and other applications to the Google BigQuery data warehouse service for centralized storing and data analysis. Skyvia is the perfect tool for secure replication to a data warehouse, as it loads data much faster than standard ETL tools and allows you to configure the replication in a few simple steps:

  1. Create Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google BigQuery connections
  2. Select Salesforce Marketing Cloud objects to copy to Google BigQuery
  3. Optionally specify schedule to update data in Google BigQuery with fresh data from Salesforce Marketing Cloud automatically

Reduce the time and cost for loading data from Salesforce Marketing Cloud to Google BigQuery!

Powerful Replication Features

Automatic Schema Creation

You don't need to prepare the Google BigQuery database - Skyvia creates the tables, corresponding to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud objects, in the data warehouse automatically.

Complete or Partial Replication

With Skyvia you can extract and load all the data from a Salesforce Marketing Cloud object or disable loading for some Salesforce Marketing Cloud object fields. You can also configure filters for data to replicate.

Change Data Capture (CDC)

Copying data from Salesforce Marketing Cloud to Google BigQuery is just a part of the problem. Real-time analytics require data in Google BigQuery to be constantly up-to-date with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Skyvia’s Replication Tool will painlessly ensure you always have the most current data from Salesforce Marketing Cloud in Google BigQuery for inclusion in your processes. Thus, you can feel secure in your ability to make better decisions faster.

After the first replication of all the Salesforce Marketing Cloud data, subsequent replications update the Google BigQuery data incrementally with refreshes from Salesforce Marketing Cloud, so all you need is to schedule replication to run as often, as your situation requires. You can schedule your replication to run up to once every few minutes, so your Google BigQuery will always be up-to-date. All of this can be performed completely automatically with no user intervention.

Replication won't copy all the data every time. Instead it will perform incremental updates. Skyvia intelligently adds only records which are new, edits only records which have changed and remove the deleted records.