This integration selects new QuickBooks Online customers and imports them to BigCommerce.

Note: It does not import pre-existing QuickBooks Online customers to BigCommerce.

Note: This integration loads successfully only customers with non-empty FirstName, LastName, and Email fields.

Note: For best results the source fields related to billing and shipping addresses should be filled. If at least one of these fields is empty, only basic customer info will be transferred to the target Customers object.

How to Set Up

  1. Select or create connections: QuickBooks Online connection for Source and BigCommerce connection for Target.
  2. Specify the schedule on which the integration will run automatically.


  • To create BigCommerce customers from specific new QuickBooks Online customers, configure filters in the task editor.
  • To avoid failed records with empty FirstName, LastName, or Email fields, you can add filters with the is not null condition in the task editor.