This integration selects new Zoho People employees and imports them to G Suite as contacts.

Note: It does not import pre-existing Zoho People employees to G Suite contacts.

How to Set Up

  1. Select or create connections: Zoho People connection for Source and G Suite connection for Target.
  2. Specify the id of the group to add the contact to:
    1. Open the import task.

    2. In Mapping Definition of your import task, for the GroupIds field, specify the Id of the group in which contacts should be placed instead of Enter your Group Id, if needed.... Please note that the value must be enclosed in double quotation marks and square brackets [" ... "], as in the example.

      Important note: If you don't want to assign contacts to any group, you have to remove mapping for the field GroupIds completely by clicking the cross near Constant.

    3. Save the task.

  3. Specify the schedule on which the integration will run automatically.


  • To create G Suite contacts from specific new Zoho People employees, configure filters in the task editor.