This integration selects new Stripe charges and imports them to QuickBooks Online as sales receipts.

Note: It does not import pre-existing Stripe charges to QuickBooks Online sales receipts.

Note: For best results customers should be pre-synced between QuickBooks Online and Stripe apps. At the same time customers should have emails, otherwise charges will not be processed.

How to Set Up

  1. Select or create connections: Stripe connection for Source and QuickBooks Online connection for Target.
  2. Provide the necessary information for the integration execution:
    1. Open the import task.
    2. In Mapping Definition of your import task, for the DepositToAccountRefId field, specify the name of your QuickBooks Online account name instead of Enter your QBO Account name....
    3. Save the task.
  3. Specify the schedule on which the integration will run automatically.


  • To create QuickBooks Online sales receipts from specific new Stripe charges, configure filters in the task editor.