Use this package if you need to synchronize Zoho CRM and Salesforce data.

Note: When synchronization is performed the first time, it does not check whether the records in sources are identical and simply copies data from one side to another and vice versa and "maps" the original records to their copies in another source. This means that if some records are already present in both sources before the first synchronization, duplicate records will be created. During subsequent synchronization, if a record is modified or deleted in one source, Skyvia modifies or deletes the data, mapped to this record in another source, and vice versa.

Note: When a record is modified both in source and target, Skyvia will simply apply source changes to target, and all target changes are lost. They are lost even when different fields were changed in source and target. Skyvia does not track changes on per-field level.

This package contains a number of tasks, which synchronize corresponding Zoho CRM and Salesforce entities. It includes tasks for the following entities:

 Zoho CRM  Salesforce


To use this package, you need to:

  1. Select or create connections: Zoho CRM connection for Source and Salesforce connection for Target.
  2. If you don't want to synchronize all the available entities, but just some of them, you can simply delete unnecessary synchronization stasks. For this, point to the task and click Delete. But please note that some tasks may relate to other tasks (have relation mapping involving objects from other tasks), and thus, you may need to fix their mapping if you delete their "parent" tasks from the package.
  3. Specify the schedule, on which the package will run automatically and keep your data synchronized (See how).