ProdPad to Google Sheets

Create refreshable Google Sheets reports for your ProdPad data and securely share them with your colleagues

Skyvia Query Google Sheets add-on allows importing data from various cloud applications and relational databases, to Google Sheets via Skyvia Query. With this add-on you can connect Google Sheets to ProdPad and easily get its data into Google Sheets reports.

How It Works

Getting data from ProdPad to Google Sheets becomes as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1

Register on Skyvia for free to create a Google Sheets ProdPad connection

Step 2

Query your ProdPad data to Google Sheets

Step 3

Create Google Sheets reports and share them with your team

Key Features

Create Queries Visually or Type SQL

Powerful visual Query Builder allows designing queries without SQL knowledge. And if you are an SQL professional – use all the power of SQL in Google Sheets.

Refresh Data in Couple of Click

Whenever necessary, get live data from ProdPad to Google Sheets documents.

Store Queries for Future Use

Skyvia allows storing queries online, in the query gallery. Save useful queries for use in other Google Sheets documents and reuse them whenever you need.

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Register a free Skyvia account. It is required for Skyvia Query Google Sheets Add-on. You can run 5 queries per day completely free.

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Install Skyvia Query Google Sheets add-on from G-Suite Marketplace and create Google Sheets reports from any data source with ease!

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