Build advanced CRM reports in Looker Studio (Data Studio)

Learn how to bring in BI tools to visualize your sales funnel and reports without hiring data analysts.

40 min


On the webinar Skyvia's Head of Product Growth Dmitry Alasania will show how to measure sales team performance with automated dashboards built with the help of Skyvia data platform.

Skyvia is a no-code cloud data integration platform with both ETL, ELT and reverse ETL functionality. It can be easily used by both: technical specialists and citizen integrators as well.


  • General overview of Skyvia data platform
  • How to build a real time Sales dashboard in Looker Studio (formerly, Google Data Studio) using Skyvia Connect
  • Building a Sales report in Google Sheets using Skyvia Query
  • More advanced approach of creating a full replica of your CRM in data warehouse


Dmitry Alasania
Head of Product Growth at Skyvia