Best Practices of Salesforce Integrations Using Skyvia Code-Free Data Platform

Book your seat on the webinar to discover Skyvia Data Loader - a powerful data integration tool that offers a number of advantages over Salesforce Import Wizard and other Salesforce data loader solutions.

1 hour


Salesforce is a powerful CRM that can become a central hub for data related to sales activity and a rich source of powerful analytics insights. In order to get the most out of Salesforce, you need to connect Salesforce data with other business data stored in cloud or on-premise data sources.

Salesforce has some support for system integration. But in order to meet real-life organizational needs, you’ll need a toolset that offers more control and clarity over the flow of data between systems. You’ll need an automated data pipeline.

Skyvia is code-free cloud data integration platform with both ETL, ELT and reverse ETL functionality. It can be easily used by both: technical specialists and citizen integrators as well.

Learn how:

  • Integrate data automatically among a wide range of corporate apps
  • Create no-code data pipelines – no programming skills required
  • Build dashboards on your corporate data to take data-driven decisions
  • Backup your data to meet regulatory requirements and stay safe
  • Build a transparent data integration process to manage each data pipeline and data source without impacting the rest of your stack


Dmitry Alasania
Head of Product Growth at Skyvia