Salesforce to Salesforce Integration Tutorial

Watch this video to discover a complete tutorial on Salesforce to Salesforce data integration. The video uncovers the best practices for Salesforce to Salesforce integration from native method to a fully automated data integration pipeline built with Skyvia no-code solution.

1 hour


If your business has multiple Salesforce orgs for different purposes, or you are partnered closely together with another business that uses Salesforce, then you may need to share/collaborate on records across multiple orgs. Creating a Salesforce to Salesforce integration will allow you to set up the connection between the two orgs and share records between them.

When your business has a requirement to connect two Salesforce orgs together, for any reason, you need to carefully consider exactly why it is required, what data is required to be synced between them, the frequency in which it needs to be synced, and carefully craft a contingency plan, so that you're not met with any nasty surprises while setting up the connection.


  • How to plan out your Salesforce to Salesforce integration before connecting the orgs together
  • How to configure Salesforce to Salesforce integration using the standard connector and through the REST API
  • How to build an automated no-code data integration pipeline


Dmitry Alasania
Head of Product Growth at Skyvia