A4 International, Inc. Has Chosen Skyvia as Data Integration Solution for Salesforce Migration Projects

A4 International, Inc. is a registered Salesforce consulting partner, working with Salesforce since 2004. They have many clients in various industries, from micro and small to medium-sized and large enterprises all over the world.

A4 International, Inc.


Salesforce, SQL Server

A4 International, Inc. is often faced with projects that require migration from external systems to Salesforce or real time integration between an external system and Salesforce. Having a reliable and cost-effective solution is important to their clients.


A4 International, Inc. had two projects, in which their client wanted to get a single view of data in Salesforce CRM. However, they also needed to keep data in the legacy system active and accessible.

The client is a 3D Printing company with their modeling projects kept in Streamics – an external system operating on the SQL server database.

This client needed to get Streamics data in real time into Salesforce so its Sales team could see how engineering and costing teams worked at every phase of the process. This would allow them to build a complete system on Quotes (Orders to Invoicing) in Salesforce for the work being performed in Streamics.


Most times, A4 International, Inc. created REST API custom code to interface with external systems, but the number of data elements and tables in their client’s databases made this a costly project, and they had to look for a Salesforce data integration solution.

A4 International, Inc. reviewed multiple tools and settled on Skyvia, since they found it the most easy-to-use and cost-efficient solution. The initial testing worked well, so Skyvia was recommended to the client as an optimal solution for data integration between Salesforce and SQL Server. Further tests with large volumes of data showed good results, as well.


As a result A4 International, Inc’s client got an effective solution for hourly data sync between SQL server-based Streamics system and Salesforce CRM, which helped them to unify customer profiles in one place.

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