American Health Care Association Improved their Reporting with Skyvia

AHCA (American Health Care Association) is a non-profit federation of affiliated state health organizations representing more than 14,000 nonprofit and for-profit nursing homes, assisted living communities, and facilities for disabled people.



Data Integration


The healthcare organization underwent a significant transition, migrating from an on-premise SQL Server database to the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. This strategic move marked a significant shift in their operational focus from infrastructure maintenance to data management. However, the transition presented several challenges.

We recently migrated to a cloud-based database, and since we were on-premise before, that's a big move for us. Now, our responsibility mainly focuses on the data instead of maintaining the infrastructure, but we were in need of a solution that can work with both on-prem and cloud ecosystems.

Amde Tessema

Senior DB Operation Manager at AHCA

Even with transitioning to a cloud database, they still needed to build reports and dashboards on-prem, applying SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) for creating advanced analytics and building reports. For that, the data from Dynamics 365 should be replicated to SQL Server (served as a data warehouse).

Overall, the company sought a solution that could integrate with both on-premise and cloud applications, ensuring workflow continuity and answering their future needs.

We needed a solution to incrementally load data from our Dynamics 365 to an on-premise SQL Server where we can run SQL-based reports.

Amde Tessema

Senior DB Operation Manager at AHCA


AHCA was looking for a solution to integrate on-prem databases with Dynamics 365 and, following recommendations from the Microsoft community found Skyvia. The Skyvia platform allowed AHCA to avoid the change of the current data stack and offered variety of data connectors to cover possible future requests.

Leveraging Skyvia's capabilities, AHCA successfully built data pipelines for an automated data replication process with incremental updates feature and data warehouse reporting for analytical purposes.

We chose Skyvia because it was a lift-and-shift thing, we just continued to use whatever functionality that we were using on-prem.

Amde Tessema

Senior DB Operation Manager at AHCA


With Skyvia's assistance, AHCA overcame the challenge of data streamlining. Now, the team can effortlessly configure the system with just a few clicks and automatically capture data updates from source to destination, ensuring that their reports remain up-to-date and accurate at all times.

I'm sure there is more functionality in Skyvia that we can take advantage of there and then to increase our productivity and minimize the time that we spend on the data load.

Amde Tessema

Senior DB Operation Manager at AHCA

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