Plüm Énergie Automates Data Flow between Jira and PostgreSQL Using Skyvia Data Integration

Plüm Énergie is a green electricity supplier, aiming to reduce the share of gray energies in France. Plüm Énergie collaborates with energy producers, generating exclusively renewable electricity and committing to developing new innovative means of electricity production.

Plüm Énergie


Data Integration


Plüm Énergie data infrastructure consists of on-premise PostgreSQL database for storing business data and Jira with IT data. The company wanted to integrate Jira with PostgreSQL for accounting and analytical purposes. The main challenge was to get rid of manual work and automate this process.

We’re an electricity provider, and we need to process the data of IT development, like the number of days worked by an employee for a period, mainly for accounting purposes. Previously it was done by hand with Excel but we had to industrialize this part to gain time."

Bastien Ricono

Project Manager at Plüm Énergie


Plüm Énergie searched for a simple and cost-effective solution to integrate Jira with PostgreSQL data, and Skyvia was the best choice.

We needed a simple solution to integrate Jira data to our platform. Our criteria were: simplicity, security and price. Skyvia was the only one we found that matched our criteria for this integration. We didn't devote a lot of time, benchmarking solutions, as Skyvia was everything we needed."

Bastien Ricono

Project Manager at Plüm Énergie


With Skyvia Data Integration, Plüm Énergie was able to automate its data flow between Jira and PostgreSQL database and saved a great amount of time spent on manual Excel export and import operations.

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