Real Estate Company Uses Skyvia to Digitize Data Flow Between ERP System, Salesforce and Mailchimp

Our client is a real estate company providing a wide range of services: residential rentals, real estate brokerage, property management, financial services, construction and development.

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Our client is in the process of digitizing all the company's operations that are still paper based. They have already heavily invested in cloud with the vast majority of their backend IT infrastructure hosted on AWS for over 6 years. Their backend ERP system was built based on MS SQL database and has limited API capabilities. The main challenge was to integrate data of an ERP system with 3rd party tools used by marketing and sales departments.

We have an ERP system that remains the system of record. The challenge we faced was that we needed to extract information and bring it to 3rd party tools – Salesforce and Mailchimp. We were interested in a 2-way sync, as certain actions taken in Salesforce also needed to be synced back to ERP."

Our Client

Head of Engineering


Our client decided to search for a 3rd party integration service in order not to spend time and resources on developing it internally. They compared several vendors and decided in favor of Skyvia as it fully satisfied all the requirements.

Main criteria for the solution were that it would have to be fully cloud-based, easy to use GUI following the SF mentality of clicks not code, support for a wide range of 3rd party cloud and non-cloud platforms/software, and cost effective. We compared numerous vendors including Jitterbit, Informatica, Talend along with creating a custom integration, and finally decided on Skyvia as the most appropriate for our needs."

Our Client

Head of Engineering


As a result, Skyvia helped its client to digitize their data integration flow:

Skyvia has helped us integrate a legacy software application with minimal/limited API to best in class cloud based platforms. In the future, we are also looking to use it to build out new integrations/automations to link some of our different cloud applications together."

Our Client

Head of Engineering

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