Redmond Inc. Improved Inventory Management with Skyvia

Redmond Inc. is a group of companies representing 10+ different brands. More than fifty years ago, Redmond started in the agriculture industry before expanding, and now it’s best known for brands like Real Salt, Trophy Rock, and Best Vinyl Fence & Deck.

Redmond Inc.


Data Integration


The company has an online store on Shopify where 1,000 to 3,000 orders are registered daily. At the same time, Redmond Inc. uses Acumatica, their ERP system for managing all the enterprise resources of different brands.

To keep Acumatica always up-to-date, all the orders from Shopify must be imported into it. However, this task became challenging due to the number of orders that needed to be imported. The company needed a quick and efficient solution for proper order import regularly.

We needed payments to match up with our orders by payment type in 24-hour increments.

Bryan Bresnan

Data Operations Lead at Redmond.Inc

Another challenge was related to stock and inventory management. The company aimed to keep Shopify inventory levels synced with the internal inventory, which contained all the actual data from suppliers. The stock levels data also needed to be updated regularly in Acumatica.

We needed to compare inventory levels on Shopify with inbound transfers to our 3PL so our Customer Service team could see which products are out of stock or nearly out of stock and when they will be replenished. Also, it was necessary to compare Shopify Inventory with our ERP data as close to live as possible.

Bryan Bresnan

Data Operations Lead at Redmond.Inc


SQL Server was adopted as an intermediate solution to accumulate all the data about orders and inventory information.

First, Redmond’s developers replicated the data from Shopify to SQL Server, including Orders, Order Lines, Payments, Transactions, and Inventory. Then, they set up incremental updates to load new and update existing data to the SQL Server.

Redmond use case

They needed to merge data from SQL Server and the ERP system to create a unified view of orders and inventory stocks. Redmond’s team used Power BI to extract data and craft smart dashboards for that. Such dashboards were then transferred to the Customer Service department via email so they had all the actual information at hand.

Ensuring no orders were missed and having a clean cut-off, so we didn’t duplicate orders was the most challenging part.

Bryan Bresnan

Data Operations Lead at Redmond.Inc


With the implementation of Skyvia, Redmond has achieved great results in operations and customer satisfaction areas. They managed to increase awareness of the Customer Service department and decrease internal communications about the status of the products and items in stock.

Also, Redmond reported that Skyvia's implementation saved them over $60,000 annually. This is the combined cost of the Shopify integration licensing, implementation costs, transactional costs, etc.

We have a dev team and could have had them write an Azure Logic App to do the same thing, but Skyvia was a much quicker, efficient, and much cheaper option.

Bryan Bresnan

Data Operations Lead at Redmond.Inc

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