This integration selects new Mailchimp subscribers and imports them to Zendesk as tickets.

Note: It does not import pre-existing Mailchimp subscribers to Zendesk tickets.


Mailchimp connection must have specific settings:

  • API Version must be set to Ver3;
  • Merge Fields Behavior must be set to Join Common Merge Fields.

How to Set Up

  1. Select or create connections: Mailchimp connection for Source and Zendesk connection for Target.
  2. Specify the Mailchimp list to select subscribers from and the email of requester to assign:
    1. Open the import task
    2. On the Source Definition of your import task, in filters, specify the name of the Mailchimp list to get subscribers from instead of Enter your list name....
    3. On the Mapping Definition of your import task, for the RequesterID field, specify the email of Zendesk user who will own imported tickets instead of Enter Zendesk administrator's/agent's email....
    4. Save the task.
  3. Specify the schedule, on which the integration will run automatically.


  • If you need to create Zendesk tickets only for specific new Mailchimp subscribers, you can add more filter conditions for the source subscribers.
  • You can also add more similar filters with different list names and use OR operator to import Mailchimp subscribers from multiple lists. You can also remove filters if you want to import Mailchimp subscribers from all your Mailchimp lists