Horizons Elevates its Data Insights and Visualization Capabilities with Skyvia

Horizons is one of the biggest recruitment and Employer Of Record (EOR) services providers globally, especially for companies looking to expand into new markets without setting up a foreign entity. Horizons helps companies compliantly hire anywhere in 180+ countries within 24 hours without a subsidiary office.

As a premium EOR provider, Horizons handles all legal requirements, employment taxes, onboarding and payroll, and other liabilities.


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Data Integration


Horizons operates in a dynamic environment, relying on many tools and platforms such as Jira, Power BI, HubSpot, Xero, and more. With data dispersed across these diverse sources, the company faced the challenge of aggregating and consolidating data for accurate reporting and data visualization to drive business insights. Initially, they started building ad-hoc reports for different departments; however, the forefront of their efforts was getting automated reports within Power BI. Recognizing the need for a seamless and time-saving solution to orchestrate different data sources, Horizons began its search for the ideal data integration tool.

With the company's fast-paced growth, the need for on-demand data and reporting became pressing. We chose to leverage Power BI to provide access to insights throughout the company. I built the first set of reports for business stakeholders leveraging our platform data. With the success of this deployment, stakeholders started to ask for reporting on data from other tools we use internally. It became clear that we needed a solution to integrate with each tool and automate data capture and ingestion into Power BI.

Damien Polegato

Engineering Director at Horizons


Horizons was looking for a data integration tool that would streamline their data aggregation process and provide pre-made connectors for seamless integration with their already used services.

Skyvia emerged as the perfect solution, offering a no-code interface that simplified the data integration process and eliminated the need for additional staff training. The availability of pre-made connectors ensured a quick and effortless setup, allowing Horizons to start extracting insights from their data in no time. With Skyvia's intuitive platform, Horizons could easily connect and replicate data from HubSpot, Xero, Freshdesk, Jira, and other applications to their data warehouse, which feeds data into Power BI for reporting and dashboarding purposes.

I realized that Skyvia had connectors with all the major tools we're using and which we planned to integrate over time to build up our reporting capabilities. What I thought would take multiple weeks just took a few days.

Damien Polegato

Engineering Director at Horizons

Horizons data integration use case schema


With Skyvia in place, Horizons successfully aggregated data from multiple 3rd party applications, including Jira, Freshdesk, Xero, HubSpot, and more, into a centralized data warehouse. This data consolidation allowed them to create comprehensive dashboards tailored to specific business needs, providing valuable insights for reporting and analysis across various departments.

By choosing Skyvia, Horizons gained a user-friendly and efficient data integration solution that met their specific needs and empowered them to make data-driven decisions confidently.

Skyvia helped us get fast access to scattered business data to build insights for the business without getting engineers involved. I can easily streamline data ingestion through Skyvia and keep the engineering team focused on building business-critical features on our platform.

Damien Polegato

Engineering Director at Horizons

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