HubSpot is a leading CRM, marketing, sales, and customer service platform.
Integrate, back up & manage HubSpot data with no coding using Skyvia data platform

Connecting Skyvia to HubSpot

New HubSpot connection

1. Create a HubSpot Connection

In your Skyvia account, on the Connections page, click New, and then click HubSpot. Enter the name for the connection.

Log in with HubSpot and select the account to connect

2. Set up the Connection

Select the Authentication method to use. For API Key authentication, provide your HubSpot API Key. For OAuth authentication, log in with HubSpot and select the account to use.

Integrate, back up, and manage your HubSpot data with Skyvia

3. Use the Connection in Skyvia

Save the connection. Now you can use it in Skyvia's products - Data Integration, Backup, Query, and Connect. See the details below.

HubSpot Integration

HubSpot integration

Integrate HubSpot with cloud applications and relational databases via Skyvia. Load HubSpot Contacts, Deals, Campaigns directly to/from major cloud and on-premise data sources or synchronize data in both directions.

Powerful mapping settings allow you to load and synchronize HubSpot data with sources having different data structure. You can schedule your integration operation to execute it automatically.

With Skyvia you can integrate HubSpot with:

Import and Export CSV Files

HubSpot CSV import and export

Import CSV files to HubSpot and export HubSpot data to CSV files. Skyvia allows loading CSV files both from your computer and from various file storages. It can import several CSV files at once, import a single CSV file to several related HubSpot objects, use powerful expressions for mapping, etc.

With our tool for import and export of CSV files from file storages, you can integrate your HubSpot data with any data source, not supported by Skyvia directly.

Skyvia supports CSV file import and export from/to:

Replicate HubSpot Data

HubSpot replication

Replicate HubSpot data to a relational database with Skyvia and maintain this database in an actual state. Replication via our online service can be especially useful if you want to use data analysis and reporting tools for relational databases with your HubSpot data.

With Skyvia you can replicate your HubSpot data to:

HubSpot Backup

HubSpot backup and restore

Skyvia backup can secure your HubSpot data from human errors, incorrectly working third-party software, account hijacking, etc.

Skyvia offers automatic daily and anytime manual backup with search, view, and export of backed up data and one-click data restore. HubSpot Backup can be configured in less than a minute, and after this you can restore your data in few clicks.

HubSpot Data Management

HubSpot SQL data access

Use power of SQL to manage HubSpot data via Skyvia Query tool. Skyvia provides HubSpot SQL editor with visual query builder that allows you to perform select, insert, update, and delete commands directly against HubSpot data. No need to study HubSpot API.

OData Connector for HubSpot

HubSpot OData connector

Skyvia Connect allows you to expose your HubSpot data via OData REST API. This makes the data available for world of tools and data-oriented applications and allows you to integrate your data with other solutions, supporting OData protocol. Skyvia Connect allows you to share all or only a part of HubSpot tables and columns, provides data access control via its own, endpoint-specific, user accounts and IP addresses, and performs detailed logging of all data access operations.