Analyze Your BigCommerce Data with FusionCharts

Skyvia can easily load BigCommerce data (including Customers, Products, etc.) to a database or a cloud data warehouse. Then, it's easy to connect FusionCharts to this data warehouse and perform the in-depth analysis you need.

Select Database or Data Warehouse You Like

Set Up Data Replication in Minutes

Simple setup
Simple No-coding Setup

All you need to do is to specify parameters for connecting to BigCommerce and data warehouse and select which data to replicate.

Schema creation
Automatic Schema Creation

You don't need to prepare the database - Skyvia creates the tables, corresponding to the source objects, in the data warehouse automatically.

Keep Data Up-to-Date

Skyvia's Replication Tool will painlessly ensure you always have the most current data from your cloud applications in your data warehouse.

ETL with No Coding

ETL Support in Skyvia

In many cases you may want to organize data in the warehouse differently than in BigCommerce. You may want to create a schema for OLAP or simply have target tables for data already created. In this case you can use our data import tools.

With powerful mapping settings and flexible configuration, our import allows powerful transformations when loading data between data sources of different structure. All the configuration is performed visually, with no coding and requires little to no special knowledge.

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Get Real Time Data Access via OData

BigCommerce OData connector

With Skyvia Connect you can easily create a no-coding OData API layer for BigCommerce data and and create live connections directly to BigCommerce via the OData protocol.

Our OData server includes built-in security layer, advanced logging, and allows you to open access only to the required part of the source data.

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