Heroku Postgres and OneDrive Integration

100% сloud solution to automate CSV data loading between Heroku Postgres and OneDrive

Simple GUI

Configure your import/export in convenient GUI wizards with no coding.

Flexible Scheduling

Use flexible scheduling settings to automate data export & import.

Detailed Logging

You can find detailed logs for each execution in the package Run History.

Import CSV from OneDrive to Heroku Postgres

Import CSV files from OneDrive to Heroku Postgres data with Skyvia. Powerful mapping features enable you to import data with the structure different from the structure of Heroku Postgres objects, use various string and numeric expressions for mapping, etc.

You can run import manually or automatically, on a schedule. For easier import automation, Skyvia supports getting a CSV file from OneDrive by a file mask, including a datestamp.

Preserving Relations

Powerful mapping settings allow preserving relations between imported data.

All DML Operations

Skyvia supports INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and UPSERT for import to Heroku Postgres.

Data Splitting

Skyvia can load data from one CSV file to several related Heroku Postgres objects at once.

Export Data from Heroku Postgres to OneDrive

Skyvia is a perfect tool to export Heroku Postgres data to OneDrive. Automate your data export operation and get rid of redundant manual work!

Multiple Tasks

Skyvia can load data from several Heroku Postgres objects to OneDrive as one operation.

Powerful Filtering

Create filters with multiple conditions and logical operators to export exactly the data you need.

Related Data Export

Select fields to export from the main Heroku Postgres object and all of it’s related objects.

All-in-one Cloud Data Platform

Skyvia can help you not just in CSV import/export operations. It is a powerful data platform for various data-related tasks: data integration, backup, management and connectivity. Skyvia supports not only Heroku Postgres and OneDrive - see the complete list of supported data sources. Skyvia offers the following products:

Data Integration

Fast and flexible no-coding integration of cloud applications and/or databases. Includes CSV import/export.

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Cloud backup solution for cloud data. Automatic or manual backup with search, preview, export, and few-clicks restore.

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Online SQL client with visual query builder to access your data online, visualise and manage them from the browser.

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No-deployment and no-coding cloud OData server for your cloud and database data with built-in security level and detailed logging.

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