Survicate and Box Integration

100% cloud solution to automate CSV data loading between Survicate and Box

Step 1

Simple GUI

Configure your export in convenient GUI wizard with no coding.

Step 2

Flexible Scheduling

Use flexible scheduling settings to automate data export.

Step 3

Detailed Logging

You can find detailed logs for each execution in the package Run History.

Export Data from Survicate to Box

Skyvia is a perfect tool to export Survicate reports to Box. Automate your data export operation and get rid of redundant manual work!

Compressing Output Files

Compressing Output Files

Skyvia supports zip and gzip compression of result CSV files, allowing you to save storage space.

Powerful Filtering

Powerful Filtering

Create filters with multiple conditions and logical operators to export exactly the data you need.

Related Data Export

Flexible CSV Options

Easily create CSV files, that various software can parse. Configure CSV file encoding, separator character, etc.

Integrate Survicate and Box with minimal effort and in only a few clicks!